History of Misty Creek

Misty Creek’s vineyards and tasting room lie between the communities of Huntsville and Farmington near the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River, an area used for centuries by Native Americans as a meeting ground and natural fish trap. Later the Shallow Ford served as a safe place for travelers, wagons and stagecoaches to cross the Yadkin River on the Great Wagon Road (known locally as the Colonial Pike) from Philadelphia to Augusta, Georgia.

A thriving community developed at the Ford to serve passing wagon trains, and the deep cut of the Great Wagon Road is still evident today on both sides of the Yadkin River. By 1770, a road cut from this area to Mulberry Fields (near Wilkesboro) later became known as the Daniel Boone Trail, named after Daniel Boone who married and built a cabin on the Sugar Creek, approximately two miles east of Farmington, in 1756.

On October 14th, 1780 during the American Revolution a large group of Tories crossed the Shallow Ford to be defeated by Whig forces. Fourteen Tories were buried in a small plot west of the crossing, and almost immediately the brash colonials built a pig lot over their final resting place to commemorate forever this event.

Later in 1781 Lord Cornwallis crossed the Shallow Ford in pursuit of General Nathaniel Green’s “Green Mountain Boys”, the two forces meeting at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro. After the war in 1792, Charles Hunt purchased 250 acres and began to lay out 111 half-acre lots to establish the city of Huntsville.

Local history suggests that Huntsville narrowly missed being the state capital for North Carolina. In April, 1865 Union General George Stoneman’s cavalry crossed the Shallow Ford and routed the Confederacy’s Yadkin Home Guard, subsequently ransacking the town of Bethania and looting the town of Huntsville as one of the last acts of the Civil War.

The Nichols family purchased this land in early 2001, naming it Misty Creek after the natural spring that bisects the property. They immediately began a series of improvements that included a lake, roads and irrigation, and planted their first four acres of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Chambourcin.

The following year, an additional 10 acres were planted, and Syrah was added to the vineyard. Finished in June 2009, the tasting room sits directly on the site of a pioneer cabin, originally built in 1800 as a mule barn, and overlooks the old road bed. The deep well and original entry road are very evident in the topography, and hand made bricks, pottery shards, spear points and other evidence of long habitation continue to be found.

Misty Creek Vineyards are located in Davie County, named for William R. Davie, who was a revolutionary war leader, minister to France and later governor of North Carolina.

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